Friday, 1 November 2013

About blogging for newbies


As we all know that the mind state of users of the internet society is getting towards doing something which is worthy, which could make them happy and also be beneficial for them.

Advantages of blogging
Blogging is one of those fields. Doing work in this field with some serious effort provides a lot of benefits. Some of them are given below.
§  Blogging make you popular over internet.
§  Though blogging you can make money online and it can also be your full time business.
§  You can spread your business online by blogging.
§  If you would write content on your blog then you can be a good author in a very short period of time.

Types of blogging
Everyone have a different mind state and choice. So the people over internet are blogging in many different types of fields. Anyone who want to do blogging should start a blog, having a topic of his interest otherwise he would get frustrate and he will not have words to type while writing content for the blog. Some of the types of blogging are given below.
§  Reviews about games and movies technology etc.
§  Videos blogging
§  Niche blogging
§  Questions and answers blog
§  Political blogging
§  Sports news blogging
§  Personal blogging

Free publishing services
If you don’t have your own registered domain or you can’t afford to have one and you are interested in blogging then you can join the websites that provide the free publishing service. This service is especially made for the blogger who don’t have an individual domain and for the bloggers who are beginners. Some of the most popular websites that provide the free publishing service are given as below.
§  Blogger (
§  Wordpress (
§  Tumblr (
§  Quora (

Reliable blogging services
Over internet, there are more than thirty websites that are offering free content publishing services. But the question arises here is which blogging website we should use?
We should use only those blogging websites that are user friendly, fast, and which provide the different interfaces for bloggers to put on their blogs and the most important thing is that they get indexed by Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. So me as an author of this post after a long time of research over this aspect and experience, I would suggest you to use the following blogging services. These are arranged in the order of their blogging experience. The No.1 is the best in this field.
1.       Blogger (
2.       Wordpress (
3.       Tumblr (

Why Blogger at No.1
Blogger is at No.1 because Blogger provide the most friendly, easy and reliable blogging service. The blogs that are made on blogger are mostly indexed and the search engines don’t take them as a blog but they are indexed just like a full time real website. Prove of this is; when we search something over the search engines we find two to three blogs out of ten in the relevant searches given by the search engine.